Member Benefits Spotlight

No Cost, High Value, Home-Life Event Benefits for your Workforce



NEOHCC, in partnership with EHV Benefits, is bringing to its members amazing home-life benefits that help you improve worker productivity and stretch payroll dollars by simply giving more benefits!

  • These benefits are available to your full timers, part-timers, 1099ers and retirees. And, your workers can extend these benefits to their friends and family members.
  • Best of all – there is no member cost to give, and no worker cost to access, these benefits.


These home-life benefits include real estate rent, buy, sell, finance, household goods moving and more!


  • One out of 6 households change residences each year. And if you have workers 50 and over – many are also looking to purchase a vacation or second home in another state.
  • This home-life event is disrupting, stressful and expensive for your workers.  And, understandably, it will impact their productivity for you!

Give a great benefit to your entire workforce.


24/7 online enrollment with ID/Password personal account to help manage any activity that they might want – home rent, sell buy, finance, household goods move or just to learn more form the extensive resource library.


A personal benefit consultant to assist with whatever they want or need – today or in the future. Including introduction to Hispanic real estate agents in their network. Accessible on-line, email, phone, text.


Put money back in your worker’s pocket! EHV supplier discounts (e.g. lender rebate of $500 at closing) AND a unique real estate rebate/reward that consistently averages over $1200 on home buy or sell transactions, nationally.

Reduces Worker Time, Stress and Hassle


And get great benefits back!  Improve your worker recruiting, retention, satisfaction and productivity.


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Ready to Implement?  Have Questions? | Want More Information? | Want Tour of the Site?

Contact Renita Charrlin at EHV; Phone (440) 263-4884 or rcharrlin@employeehomeview.com


Implementation Preview – No Cost and Easy!

Step 1 – Place EHV Benefits on your intranet under employee benefits for direct sign up/log in. If no intranet, no problem.
Step 2 – Communicate Benefits to Your Workforce: EHV provides the Workforce Announcement template; you send out or EHV will send out – your choice.
Step 3 – Set up on-going workforce communication – e.g. Don’t Forget about Your Benefits.

You can administer or EHV will, at no cost as a NEOHCC member to member benefit– your choice.

Note: Large NEOHCC member employers (>1000 employees) have certain customization options available at no additional cost.